12 November 2012


Hello everyone, think it's high time we speak about the big elephant in the room. Talking about the question "What the hell are we (as in mankind) doing here (as in planet earth)?". Think I got a theory here that can answer this long time question. And the theory is that shown in Kyamatica. This movie right here is one that gets into you and just doesn't get of your mind. The kind of thing I experienced before with zeitgeist (but about that a bit later). The only difference here would be that it doesn't address the material realm of our existence on earth as does so well the Zeitgeist series. This movie is set so as to make each and every one of us go deep in our consciousness and let it take control over the sedated and voided realm we are all so desperately found in.

So as I said before, this movie goes into the tedious task of addressing our spiritual side. A side I definitely want to discover and my trip to India this year is surely a good example and demonstration of this search (of course as usual a bit later about this). Kyamatica kicks in with the long, but not boring analysis of different ancient cults and the traditions and other myths this cultures had for explaining the creation of the world and universe. 

But when it comes to myths and mythology, there's no focus on Greek or Sumerian mythologies,but rather an overview of all cults which are present or were present throughout mankind. I in particular liked the way they presented native Americans (or red Indians if you like). Portraying them as the regulators of earth's rhythm and healers of mankind. All that in a beautiful narration which at the same time isn't disruptive at all. From all this cultures discussion you get the impression that religion and more specifically Christianity is simply yet another encyclopedia or collection of ancient cults and believes, something that doesn't solve the fundamental problem present in the world today "lack of freedom, peace and unity".

The ideas of world love are pushed even further with an emphasis on the fact that animals and other living organisms are being tortured in their millions without any questioning of this actions. I know that this a theme that was discussed in the movie Earthlings. But here in Kyamatica its a completely different level. Talks about the wholeness of humans and the way we are all just one living organism which has the choice of withering or flourish as it has never flourished before. I mean how unconscious should humanity be to brutalize any living thing it comes across.

Last, but not least will be the way (and extremely new way by the way) Kyamatica talks about the way we all perceive information especially in this era of ours where we have so much information coming our way that it seems to be impossible to decipher what is right and what is wrong. Information that most of the time we all so willingly comment on and feel obliged to do so. All that may sound fantastic. I mean, who wouldn't be happy to live in. A society where we all have the possibility to express our opinions freely, to say what we want about this or that issue. All that's really great. But there's just one thing, no matter what our opinion might be it is always an expression of our subconscious being. A being which is subject to the environment it exists in. Meaning that instead of having a personal opinion of an issue, most people will unfortunately prefer to seek refuge in ideas imposed on them by others. Feel free to read more about what I have to say on this topic in my post use it.

Just one more word if I may, Kyamatica is really the film that we all need in this times of global evolutionary stagnation. A film we all ought to watch just to open a bit more to that pure and loving side we all have I ourselves.

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