29 January 2013


Hello everyone as promised opened up a new label on the blog along the update of blog's design. This will be a short one due to the fact that this post is just an idea of some sort to what has been said before on the same topic. And the topic, is none other than Arcades and the way they are going down in our more and more "cloud world" a world where you many things become reality as long as they are shown on a screen, a world where even things such as gaming are becoming a one man show situation.

Of course I remind you about the fact that I am a gamer at heart and it all started in the most surprising places of all. Not in the living room playing NES, but rather in arcades where the word "challenge" really had a meaning. A place where you start picking up on the value of money (indeed playing arcade games is an expensive endeavour). A world all guys in the neighbourhood embraced with all heart and soul playing off their way in a million pixels for a million of hours.

Living in Cameroon, Africa having access to a vast array of games and video content in general was tough. I guess summer holiday trips to Russia, a country which can also be called, "land of copyright infringement" were very handy and can still remember how we came back to Cameroon with a bunch of CD-Roms full of Playstation games ready to be played. Quite exciting, right? But all that still doesn't match the thrilling I got when going to the Arcade hall inserting my 25FCFA coin in the slot of the machine and trying to set a new record and become best player locally. And when I say locally I'm talking about "one record per arcade". There wasn't any foursquare business in those days ;-)

Then comes in "the verge" with an awesome article describing a similar love for Arcades and how difficult it is for people to identify themselves with Arcades nowadays and how legendary they are and always be...  Interested in what you guys think of this bygone era and is there any reason at all to sob about the fact that this antiques are disappearing? 

This was a thought inspired @ the verge 

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