30 January 2013


Hello guys, have I told you that one of the reasons I started this blog was when I came to the realisation that I am a kind of person who loves arguing and if given the chance will be able to talk about a topic for hours and hours. This of course led to some issues with friends which in turn led to me posting all thoughts online so that those really interested could always have a read about what I've got to say about this or that issue.

You see, usually when having a discussion with someone, I have a tendency to hold the conversation, giving my interlocutor a chance to speak only when I've expressed myself profusely. I know it's awful and promise that I'm working on it. After all why is it that we worry so much about winning an argument. Just for the sake of winning or because we want to get something through? The answer is quite evident, but surprisingly most of the time we opt for a fight, right?

Then comes in the Socratic method of dealing with arguments. From what I got it's all about asking questions to your partner about what he or she thinks of the situation, rather than going on a head on collision by expressing your thoughts in an aggressive way. And those who know me well, you all know that from time to time I can be quite the "pain in the arse". So, promise everyone to be more Socratic in my approach to argument. Hope this post was inspirational. Just try the method out, remember that "idea sharing" is peace of mind and all this is about "Peace, Love and Unity".

Thought inspired @ Reddit


  1. There are two friends of my husband; when they meet they always start arguing, and they always find subjects: films, science, programming, politics. We (girls) are always sit in a silence :) watching and listening to them (actually sometimes we hate them :))
    But what I want to say is that they are excited about the process of arguing, no matter who wins. And it's really interesting: "From the clash of opinions emerges the truth" :)

    1. Agree with you Ksyu entirely about the fact that in argument and probably mostly in argument, truth is born. The thing is that when we argue about things in an aggressive way, most of the time it results in something I like to call, "a dead end". In short, argue, but argue well. And respect of the opponent is welcomed as well... Thanks for feedback, +1 to you Ksyu ;-)