12 February 2013


"There are many people out there, trying to sedate themselves and boost their well being by material things. Could be more productive to concentrate on the development of collective consciousness, development of self - consciousness". Now that's a strange way to begin a post about "fashion - holics",right? Well, what can I say except, " read between the lines, dude!!!". You see I'm not from Paris or Milan or any other city which positions itself as a capital of fashion. I live in Russia and that's even worse. Just take some time to understand why I think so. But before that let's go back to fashion and why according to me this is a pointless phenomenon.

You see, I was in India recently and saw a country with a completely different mentality. And when I say different I mean very different. Yes there is segregation there according to appearance, caste, wealth and everything but everything seems so well balanced and settled that you don't get this feeling of longing for the next must buy item. A feeling that you can't stop having here in the northern hemisphere ;-) and one of those must have, must buy items has always been fashion and designer clothes. This desire usually present with ladies and growing steadily with gentlemen is so rooted in the consciousness of people that there is even a saying in Russia which goes something like, "vstrechaut po odezhki provazhaut po umu" which is basically a justification for judging people by appearance. You have to be dressed in a particular way to be accepted by people. Isn't it sad. If you ask me, I will say that it's even sadder when you think of her fact that we live in the 21st century.

That's why majority of girls here are into fur coats, expensive make up and everything. All that would be fine if along all this there was something else, something deep, but there's nothing just the saying that "girls have to look good, period!!!". Well, they have to,but what's the point of over-trying in the 21st century when we have arrived to an understanding that ladies and women in general are independent and don't need to be as fancy as a Christmas tree in order to find a husband (provided that this is the goal you have). I mean, dressing up like a slut never did any good to anybody. And the advertisement industry doesn't help either with slogans like, "buy this or that and you'll be the most confident person in the world and all men will be yours". I mean is it all a person needs, a rare item of clothing from Versace, Armani, Gucci and so on? I personally doubt that. Moreover we would be better off if we didn't have all this nonsense. I would even go further and say that we should re - introduce uniform to our schools (a bit later about that).

What I want to say by this post which is more of a rant is that I'm sick and tired of people around me trying to find any justification for buying this or that item of clothing. Clothes are just a means of protecting our frail bodies from adverse conditions and that's all they should be. Buying stuff which can be a years salary in some countries is just not worth it. But everyone seems to be OK with it. How sick is that, huh? We should be aware of the fact that any item we buy should be empowering us not taking us deeper in the trap of foolishness and misled values. That goes for everything, be it gadgets, furniture, housing, etc... Reading this I think all of you have a fashion - holic you know. Think it's high time you had one of those "interventions" and opened their eyes a bit more to what's going on in the world. Waiting for your feedback.


  1. Really that's fashion? Those things look so stupid. But I get where you're coming from. Its hard to let go of that materialistic way of thinking when it all that you're used to. A favorite quote of mine is "People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used." We no longer place values on people. Our values are on things - the latest cell phone, car, clothes, computer.
    Its sad really and I know because once upon a time I placed great value in dressing up. I'd spend most of my meager salary on clothes and shoes that i really didn't need just because I wanted to fit in. I yearned for the most updated phone and when one of my friends got something I wanted it too. Needless to say I wasn't getting anywhere like that. i had to take a step back and internalize. I'm still not fully out of it because sometimes I'm like I can't go anywhere Caz I have no clothes. when in reality i have clothes that I haven't even worn as yet.
    Great post!

    1. Hello Shanique, thanks for the "great post", that was amazing. Great to see that you were interested in fashionholic. Agree with you that things are there to be used. Indeed looks like people are understanding this notion in a completely different way.

      Wish there were more people who thought like you:-)