05 February 2013

Ivan Zassoursky

Hi everyone, quick question, which kind of person would you like to be president in your country? Sure most of you have answered, "Not the guy we have now!" and if you ask me I would say that this answer is probably right!!! As for me I dream of the day when the leader or leaders of our planet will be people like Ivan Zassoursky or Peter Joseph (a bit later about him) never come up.

Despite the fact that they are quite radical in their approach. I personally think that people should open up and give way to the new, right? But all we have is a political elite which in my opinion and the opinion of many, really sucks (talking about the bush dynasty in America and the British royal family, of course). The sad thing is that many people around the world, think that it's just the way it is and that's that. Sad fact, but still a fact.

So, the question is why Ivan Zassoursky of all people in the political realm? Well, the thing is that Zassoursky seems to be one of those people with who I agree at approximately 90%. Be it when he talks about religion, politics, law, drugs, censorship, etc. The second reason is probably the fact that he talks and enters discussions regarding all these issues. As you all know, there's nothing I hate more than ignorance. And unfortunately ignorance is one of those things that's omnipresent in our society. Ignorance at every level.

If you're not feeling it yet, writing this post with a lot of enthusiasm and shame at the same time. Thinking about things like where he hell was I before. Indeed, Zassoursky has been quite an active figure for along time already a time when I was thinking who was a better rapper, Tupac or B.I.G. (still think it's B.I.G. ;-)). Time I could spend perfecting my knowledge of the world around me. And enthusiasm because it feels super good knowing that you can still be surprised this days. Surprised by the idea that there are still people out there who are ready to go an extra mile for things to change in a better direction, people who are not as cowardly as I am to go active into politics, people who are there...

Couldn't express all I feel about this enlightened human in just one post, so welcoming you guys to follow Zassoursky, by going straight to the following links:

Twitter: @zassoursky

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