17 February 2013

Morgan Freeman

Should have called this post, "Morgan Freeman, another pearl from Memphis, Tennessee". But staying in tune with the logic of our blog let's go with the mundane "Morgan Freeman" title. Okay, that been said, there was this Breaking The Taboo post I wrote the other day (very insightful by the way, highly recommended). While watching the movie I couldn't stop myself from thinking about the fact that Morgan Freeman is probably the best narrator this world has ever had. Then my thoughts went deeper and for a moment I thought about Morgan Freeman a bit more and came to the idea that he is equally one of my favourite actors. So, as usual I started digging.
Went deeper into his bio and all, but as usual prefer not to bore you with that. You are all people of the 21st century, so I guess you can all click to the following link. What I would like to focus on however it's on the class and finesse of this great actor and human. Of course all know some of his greatest movies such as The Shawshank Redemption, Se7en, Nurse Betty (a bit later about these two) and I'm sure that many of you just remember him as the other "black" guy in the movie - sorry Mr. Freeman I know you don't like being called that. Yes, he is usually the second guy and not more, but if you go beyond that you will probably find such a quality in performance that you rarely find elsewhere. Here have a look...

Isn't this wonderful? Gets you thinking of the reason why "they" chose Denzel Washington as first black to get an Oscar, right? But I think I've already described why the Oscars aren't to be taken so seriously. Interested? Feel free to go here. Then there is narration. You know this "art" that some take for granted. Believe it or not Morgan Freeman is "the perfect narrator", narrating several shows some of which are really awesome by the way:-) For instance "Through the wormhole" a show related to science and space travel. If you're interested have a look at the video below, very informative :-)

But the fascination for Mr. Freeman doesn't stop here.You see Morgan freeman had one of the best reactions to "Black History Month". For those of you who haven't watched Django yet or are not aware of the fact that in the US there is a real issue between Blacks and Whites living together, you should know that racial equality is far from being achieved in the US. As a result of this there have been a lot of efforts made by Americans to improve on that and one of them was the idea of introducing a "Black History Month". An idea that in my opinion is even more segregated than simply ignoring the racial differences we all have and moving on. I mean aren't there other things much more important that we can take care of rather than continuing to stress on this or that person being of this or that colour. 

So, that's Morgan Freeman for you guys. A great actor and even greater Human.


  1. I like him. For me there's just something about his voice that draws you in. I haven't seen most of his movies and I don't watch TV a lot but I think I'll try to get his movies.

    1. Yeah he's really great. Waiting to see which movie you' ll pick as favourite:-) He has lots of them!!!