26 March 2013


Hello music lovers of the world. This post right here isn't about the way music changed from vinyl to CD. Or like some purists would say from analogue to digital. This one right here is all about the end of physical records which seem to be disappearing almost entirely from retail stores and the surprising thing about it is that people seem to be OK with it. Well, not all that surprising, but people do seem to part with physical LPs more readily than you would expect them to. I for one, though being a DJ (yes, I'm that as well) find the musical paradigm we have at present much more appealing. The question is "why?".

As you may all know, I consider myself an up to date kind of person. A person who will never hold on to an old way of doing things just because being old fashioned might seem trendy. Maybe it's for that reason that I easily part with tech and gadgets which become irrelevant to me. As I pointed out before, some people might say that there should be some vintage in our lives, something classical, something that reminds us of our past. Like for instance a friend of mine who has this collection of vinyl records. I do agree that vinyl has a much better sound quality and there might be some appeal in that. But what about CD albums that people keep buying, trying to pile up the biggest collection of music possible. If you are collecting just for the sake of having a collection, guess you should reconsider. Indeed, there are already all sorts of ways of having access to digital versions of any possible you can think of. Moreover there are ways to store this music online and have access to it anywhere, any time  Isn't that convenient enough to consider switching to all digital? I for one had a period of my life when I moved a lot from one country to another and of course in the process of moving from this to that place, was forced to leave behind a lot of stuff, like comic books, music albums and so on. Was heart breaking, but I really had no other choice.

Then there is the problem of waste. For those of you who read my post about Wasteland and even those who didn't read it for that matter, know that all this stuff we so willingly collect ends up somewhere in India or some other third world country like Brazil where pickers end up picking all this in landfills. At least this must be reason to see the absolute ridiculousness of piling up our lives with stuff we end up throwing away anyway. Can't wait to get your feedback.

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  1. I know you were expecting my comment )
    I can't imagine throwing my CD collection away! There are so many "diamonds" in it! How can it be thrown? I'm not against digital releases and so on. But ripping all your CDs and throwing them away is sacrilege! As for me some part of music can be kept in flac format (yes, I don'd like mp3) but the best albums should be on CDs. It's like real diamonds vs. pictures of them. Talking about vinyl as well, I can say that my collection is growing. Despite the fact that I'm not a DJ, I have about 100 vinyl releases. I hope I don't look like an old man, who lives his memories )) By the way, you won't find a lot of vinyl releases I have on the internet in any digital formats. And this is one of explanations of why I buy vinyl records. As you know I can talk about music forever ) But this is my point of view. Physical music media will be alive for a long time. And in proof of what I've just written last 3 years sales of vinyl are growing. )

    1. "By the way, you won't find a lot of vinyl releases I have on the internet in any digital formats". Would like to begin with this statement. But before that I would like to say that "YES" I did expect a comment from you and I'm so glad it came up so fast.
      Back to your point. That is probably the only justification I have for keeping music in a physical format, because indeed, if there is no way to find a song or album in an "e" format, then guess we have to do with the vinyl. Another thing I guess will be the quality of sound on vinyl. As a DJ I can say the amazing difference in quality that you get when you put a mint quality record. So guess I will go on a compromise here and agree that vinyl records deserve to stay, but CD and in fact the CD format in short...

      P.S. Thanks once more for the feedback, so glad you still keep up with the blog :-)

  2. I like music but I'm not picky about what format it is in. I do collect um books and I can't imagine throwing my books away just because I have a Kindle (I don't). Its unthinkable

    Is there a co-relation between my comment and your post? Be sure and let me know caz i think i went off on a tangent?

    1. Yes indeed there is a co-relation between what you say and this post. I think that all media should sooner or later be digitized. and though people tend to cling on to their collections, there is no reason to give up on practicality. And in my opinion, upgrading the way we consume media is inevitable.