30 April 2013


Hello everyone this will be a short one as it is a #Hashtag post. The thing that strikes me most about this Japanification of multiplication is that I didn't know about it earlier. Indeed I have the idea that this notion of Japanese culture being a desert territory for many people is not a myth. In fact I think along some cultures like the ones in Africa and some other remote or underdeveloped places, Japan seems to be one of the most mysterious countries. Maybe it's difficulty of language or something else, but the fact remains a fact there is little to be said about this great nation except the regular clichés of sushi, sumo, salary - men, manga, video games and so on.

This multiplication method, which I find absolutely mind blowing by the way, made me think of what else Japanese people do differently, about their system of education, relation to politics, money and much more. Think it's fundamentally different from what we have here. At least it should be considering the cultural differences I saw in India. But we will leave that for later, when I will visit this country of the rising sun.

So, talking about this multiplication they have. I for one was shocked by the fact that there are still people out there who multiply in a different way from what we have as standard this days. Of course I knew that during the history of mankind there were many ways of taking on multiplication, but this...
Crazy right? The question is, do they really do all this in the way they show it in the video or it happens on a mental level as in they portray all this diagrams and drawings in their mind? Or even more, is this method more effective than what we have at present? And one more thing what's the point of multiplying great numbers in the mind when we've all got something called a calculator these days?

Lots of questions, looking forward to getting some answers.

Thought inspired @ Magical Maths

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