15 May 2013


Remember the once "sexiest man on the planet", Richard Gere? Hearing people say, "What? When? Why?" especially the #hipsters;-). Well believe it or not he was. Moreover he is really a great actor and Arbitrage is a great example of that. Just take you time to read this one right here and find out why. Though many people out there remember him as the guy in Pretty Woman, Richard Gere goes way beyond that when it comes to acting and having an outstanding filmography. Wouldn't bother you with all the details and complete list of what there is to watch with his participation, but it should be known that he is really and amazing actor and one that can be thought of as being picky about his roles.

Will start by making a strange analogy of this movie with Cosmopolis, a movie about which I would love to write one day, but guess I'm still too stupid to understand it. Perhaps not stupid, but Cosmopolis is really "out there", in a place beyond my understanding :-(.Indeed, both movies portray men of power going through their day and facing challenges men of their calibre usually face. The only difference is that in Arbitrage, the plot, setting and characters actually make sense and have a logical sequencing. It gets you thinking that all those Limos we see in parking lots in Wall Street are not there just for the fun of it. That there are actual people there, people with problems and issues, people like you and I. That they are people with families, friends, lovers and everything else. As strange as it may sound this kind of setting is really interesting, as I said earlier not only because we get to see the life of rich men and women, but actually witness the fact that they are vulnerable and imperfect as well. Though this might be a normal notion to many, my thought was that the wealthier a person is, the smother his life flows. Don't want to spoil anything, but Arbitrage shows that I was damn wrong,

Nevertheless, Arbitrage isn't all about watching the daily life of a multimillionaire. That would have been boring, right? It's all about sacrifice I think or rather what people are ready to sacrifice in order to get out of shame and prison. Considering the fact that the person involved in this dilemma is a multi - billionaire, things really get heated up. So much heated up in fact that the story and flow of the movie doesn't let you go.

So, if you are into some insider - like movie with a lot of twists and turns, Arbitrage is what you are looking for. As usual, waiting for your thoughts and feedback :-)


  1. Well, I saw it... and.. hmm, the main idea is pretty new, but.. I didn't enjoy watching this.. A lot of money come with a lot of problems, the main character has some problems with his money and then suddenly catches another big problem which can kill all his work.
    This film is about politics, about lying to other people in a face, about hypocrisy. It's about how a lot of huge problems can be solved if you don't have enough time, it's about thinking a lot about that situation.
    Due the whole film I thought that the main character should not win this. Why? Don't know.. maybe because hypocrisy an using other people to solve personal problems w/o any thanks for them are not a good behavior.

  2. Hello Yura, as usual great comments and even greater the fact that you watched the movie. Guess in this case, I'll agree with you on one point. That in which you say that using hypocrisy for your own personal purposes is a bad idea. However, as I said in the post, I guess the whole idea of this movie is about showing the fact that even people of power have problems which go beyond the realm of business and that like everyone else they are ready to do everything possible to get out of these problems even if it means lying to close ones and family. I mean imagine yourself in this situation (I know that it is hard to imagine) what would you have done? Said the truth and lose everything?

  3. Got it. Yes, for now twice a year I have a problem called session, and I can lie to lecturers if it'll help. And sometimes it helps. That was lying, yes, but that was much smaller than the one shown in the film.
    Scale is much more important than just the fact.
    Any difficult situation tries to teach us, but if you'll solve this situation, after some time you'll forget it. Otherwise, if you'll loose, you'll remember it, and you'll clearly understand who and what are most important in your life.
    Huh, too much philosophy, anyway, the film is great but it wasn't enjoyable for me. There were no excitement, no epicness, no funny moments. There was just interest.