17 June 2013

Food Inc.

Hello guys remember my post about quitting McDonald's? No? Then please do take sometime off and read it. Really informative and hope it would be a perfect introduction for what I have to write next. Something which in my humble opinion touches everybody deeply, FOOD!!! As we all know we are basically a projection of what we eat and drink. However, majority of people seem to have given up on the healthiness of the food they eat in favour of a life full of material well being and so on. As in the way people tend to justify the fact that they eat fast food by saying that it is a very convenient thing. As they say, they work from morning to afternoon, so when the hell would I have time to cook a meal at home. Well the thing is that if most people knew what is present in so-called "fast food" their standpoint on this issue would be a different one. Food Inc.  is all about that and much more.

So, what does Food Inc. have to do with it? you might say. Well, the thing is that many people out there never ask themselves the question, "why is it that there are people out there who starve?". Is it just bad luck? Overpopulation? These are questions I have always been interested in, questions which I answered by assuming that all people who starve on this planet, starve due to lack of money and insufficient food. Damn was I wrong!!! And thank goodness I came across this wonderful documentary. Indeed, Food Inc. is probably one of those movies which answers a lot of questions. Know that most of you are not all that into revolutionizing society, so I hope that this post right here will be a push in that direction.
So, let's begin with facts, the thing is that if you look at the American food or agricultural industry on a whole you can easily get the idea that this is a field where there is a more than abundance of food. Indeed the US alone produces almost enough food to feed the entire planet more than once. Then why the hell kids in Africa and other under-developed countries still starve? Most economist justify this by the fact that food prices all over the world are dictated by the market and considering the fact that we live in a society where "free market" dictates everything, surplus of food isn't welcomed at all. I mean what normal businessman would give away food or goods for free when there are markets out there which can at least buy it at half price, right? As crazy as it sounds, this is exactly the reasoning behind the actions of corporate America.

The notion of poor food supply worldwide is just the tip of the iceberg, Food Inc. goes all the way to describing the GMOs are taking over farming, the way corporations are more and more involved in FDA approvals and much more. I gave some insights related with these issues in my post about Mc Donald's and Coca-Cola, but think that in Food Inc. everything is laid out in a much better way. Can't wait for your feedback on this one, hope there will be lots of interesting stuff you will find while watching.

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