22 July 2013

Crazy people

Hello everyone today we talk about people, we talk about crazy people, but not like the way I did when I wrote about the marketing and profiteering of pharmaceutical companies in The Marketing of Madness which was a sad thing to right about and even sadder fact to acknowledge. About people like you and me who give you a reason for thinking that the world is completely bonkers!!! That's right people are outright crazy these days. I mean, we have made so much progress in technology, culture, medicine, in fact almost in every sphere of our lives, but it looks like the vast majority of people out there are still living in the stone edge. Back here in Russia these kind of people are called "bidlo" which in short stands for cattle. I would go with crazy. Bear with me and I will explain exactly what I mean by this.

You see, the thing is that when communicating with people these days you have the impression that they are not up to date with what is going on in the world these days. Looks like all that interests people is eat, work, drink their brains out, period. Many of the people who I met in my lifetime don't even care about where the world is going to. This concerns issues such as religion, technology, the economy and of course ecology. People just think that taking things for granted is the right course of action, but at the same time they think that whenever there is a controversial issue that arises, they have a duty to express their opinion. I for one think most people don't even deserve the right to do so.

Let's take a simple, but all so trendy issue, that of gays and gay marriage. When asked an opinion on this issue, people to be fervently against this notion without actually having a logical reason for being against it. I mean they don't even care to know the ins and outs of the situation, but consider it to be immoral. Why? They have no f**** idea, it's just bad and that's that. This lack of logical explanation for their actions can be found in a lot of things. Another example, though a bit personal, is the one with this blog of mine. Had an experience the other day when an acquaintance of mine after finding out that I had a blog told me that there is no point in posting and having a blog if it doesn't bring you any profit. Naturally I said, why? A logical reaction to this will be if I was told that I cover a range of taboo topics which might at some point affect people in this way or the other, right? But I was told that I should be involved in undertakings in which I can be successful. I said,"what do you mean by successful?" Well, the only measure of success in the opinion of my "friend" was money i.e. If you do something that doesn't bring you money, there is no need doing it at all.

Another example is that of the prioritise our officials and state authorities tend to put forth when deciding on undertaking this or that social project. Take for example Russia, where I live, there is a big lack of hospitals, roads, kindergartens and other infrastructure in this country, but instead of refurbishing existing infrastructure or creating new one, authorities usually have a tendency of building new churches!!! That's right churches. Isn't that crazy? Some might argue that we need this in order to rejuvenate all lost culture in this country, others say that it is necessary to boost tourism in this country. I say it is plain stupid. How the hell you want to rejuvenate culture and tourism when the citizens of a country with the biggest reserves of oil and gas don't even have the opportunity and access to proper health care? The same goes for other great countries such as the US where people prefer addressing issues like terrorism worldwide without taking into account that this is an issue that arises due to a lack of culture in the world and due to the fact that the US has done so much bad to all people worldwide that it's kind of natural that most people hate them and want to bomb them down. Wouldn't it be much better for the White House and the US administration to find ways of positively collaborating with countries of the middle east and so on?

When I was told that the best definition of a psychopath would be a person who goes on doing the same thing over and over without any notion of pain that he inflicts, I can't help thinking that this is exactly what is going on in our society today. People seem to be unable to understand that things need to change and they need to change now. But we still have war, religious radicals and racism. It's like Manu Chao (a bit later about him) sang in his song Mr. Bobby,

Hey Bobby madre sing something good to me,
This world go crazy, it's an emergency...

Crazy people, right? The question that bothers me, though, is why the hell this is happening in a society that has long been emancipated? Is it religion, politics, lack of proper upbringing or education? I for one haven't found an answer to this question and the sad thing is that I'm really giving up trying. As sad as this might be it remains a fact. There seems to be no way to reverse this situation and any free-thinker that appears in mass media such as George Carlin, Jacques Fresco and others are immediately portrayed as radicals or Utopian of some sort. Is it that people prefer being in the sad situation they are found in these days? I sadly believe that this is the case. Most people think that the only thing that can change the reality in which they live is the government. Others think as Bob Marley said that "great God will come from the sky and make everybody feel high". That is the kind of rampant fatalism that is omni present in the world we live in. So, when people are being called cattle, there is no surprise that even the most adequate and life-loving people out there tend to believe in this fact. Even the simple notion of "Peace, Love and Unity" that I tend to promote almost in every post I write is welcomed with a wave of scepticism and anger. They say "remove your pink glasses, Denis" or "There is nothing you can do about it, Denis". So sad, so stupid, so crazy...

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