27 January 2014


Have you ever come across the saying “Keep It Real”? For those of you who don’t know,this is an expression coined by hip-hop to express the notion of integrity, respect and so on. But actually I think this can be taken a step further and be interpreted in a variety of ways. I for one think that this concept and notion is long forgotten by people these days, and it’s a prime reason for us having all these Crazy People out there. For those of you guys who remember my The Art Of Rap post, you’ve probably noticed that I am and always have been a diehard hip-hop fan. In fact I would say that I am a real connoisseur in rap and hip-hop culture (not showing off, I really am). So, when I saw this video showing the very beginning of Notorious B.I.G spitting out his rhymes on the corner street in Brooklyn I was like that the real spirit of hip-hop and it got me reminiscing… Reminiscing about the days when almost all youngsters like me were full of rhyme ideas and ready to lay the out whenever there was a chance. This for me was “Keeping It Real”. But now what have we got? A pseudo Basquiat performances made by Jay Z, though great and original, still lacking that very integrity I was talking about earlier. In fact it looks like artists have run out of ideas and are desperately trying to be the next sensation or whatever, instead of focusing on the basics and fundamentals of whatever genre they evolve in. The worst thing about this is that this seems to be the trend with every culture out there. From painting to film it seems that all the good stuff fades away and gives way to crap. That’s right, crap is all you can possibly say about what we call art these days. Especially in Rap and music in general Please don’t tell me about the fact that the generation before us had the same ideas when new genres where blooming during the transition in the 80s and 90s. You might get a point there, but the difference is that in those years there was a shift to something much better, more complex and elaborate. Whereas today we are all collectively moving into a miasma of crapy content that shows no signs of getting better. I mean, is it that hard to make an effort and try to actually do something right for once? 
Perhaps this happened as a rest of the fact that all media creation tools are now more and more accessible to the general public and almost everyone can now produce something which has some sort of artistic value, but the fact that this “something” has “some sort” of artistic value is the prime reason for this default in quality we have going on these days. You see, in the past, in the good old days of Notorious B.I.G or Bob Marley, the people involved in the production of media had some level of integrity about their work. They tried to make they best we the limited resources they had. They didn’t have any Studio apps and out-of-the-world gadgets. They kept it real. Today we’ve got millions of dollars spent in production expenses and the result is usually a pile of musical trash that is unavoidable and persistent. What a shame…

Thought inspired @Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme

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