16 April 2013

Sports and cash

Hi everyone, would have never thought that I will one day write about this, especially if you consider the fact that I'm not all that into sports at all. Have never been a fan of any team and these days don't see the point of being one. Why? Well, today for starters will begin by talking about the fact that all these athletes we all seem to admire so much are loaded to the point that it gets weird. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a jealous kind of person. Not at all. I just don't get the point of over paying a person to entertain the world with his physical abilities. Is it that we are all so desperately in need of entertainment? Or perhaps the ability to score a goal or set a record, is something so difficult to do that a profession such as teaching for instance doesn't even come near professional sports in terms of remuneration? Anyway, will try explaining why this is an issue and why the hell should we bring this up more regularly.

First things first, though I said this before already, would like to repeat that I'm not a jealous kind of fellow and really admire people who turned out to be successful for this or that reason. Don't see anything wrong with some kind of jobs being remunerated better than others. For instance I sure would pay a high profile doctor more than your regular street cleaner. But when it comes to blowing my mind in terms of injustice salary - wise there is no other thing I can think of except athlete's salaries. What's wrong world? Have you forgotten that the main aim of doing sports in the first place is to be healthy? Because it really looks as if you have. Looks like being a professional in this or that sport is the same as being a Hollywood super star. The only difference is that in Hollywood you might not need to think about your retirement. Athletes unfortunately do, but that is the last of their problems, believe me.

Then comes a quick question. How come is it that we seem to all agree with this idea that an athlete of say Lionel Messi's calibre has to be paid as though he was some sort of inter galactic space traveller or something. Isn't that horrible. It really looks though the world is in such a bad state. Why? Well, for the simple reason that this kind of phenomenon in my opinion shows that people are in such need for entertainment that they are willing to go an extra mile on expenses in order to fulfil their dream of supporting this or that set of colourful jerseys running all over a pitch. I mean, how sad is that.


  1. I've always thought about this! I don't get why they get paid so much and the doctors who have to fix them up makes less... I get that sports is important but really? Also another thing with sports that i don't get is how people can come nearly to blows over their teams. Ah mean like you'd beat someone for insulting the Lakers.. and what do you get out of that? Does that change the fact that they lost a game or played a shitty season??

    1. Hello Shanique, I see that your interest in the blog has grown beyond the #Japanify post. That's great. Regarding sports and cash, I don't relate to the importance of sports at all:-( in fact as I said, I personally think the merits of all sort of entertainment are way overrated. That's why the words "they get paid more than the people who fix them", resonate with me.

      Thanks for the comment. Waiting for more feedback from you. :-)

  2. I think sports is important because there are some people who are good at it and who might not be academically inclined. So it would serve as a way for them to put their talent to use. But I think we've gone overboard on the whole "paying for playing" thing!