07 March 2013

Ben Harper

A liberator and freedom fighter. Going to try and present Ben in that nature to you guys, though I'm sure some might consider him a Rock artist period. That might be true, but the thing is that unlike most rock stars of today, Ben Harper succeeds in having an obvious stand point on politics and so on. A true hero of his time. As usual wouldn't bore you with all the merits and awards Ben Harper got, but would rather go through my impressions, thoughts and emotions I get when listening to Ben Harper.

With my own two hands for instance is one of those songs that takes you to places where the idea that everyone can once be free seems as real as it can be :-) motivating people to take everything in their stride and move, act and be more proactive. It's not that often that we get the opportunity listen to artists who are really involved and do sing for reasons other than entertainment or money. Speaking about the latter Ben Harper, though popular, can't be called a money oriented artist at all. Indeed, all through his album and discography, you have the feeling that there is something very genuine about the way he approaches music. Something native, something real.

Actually I started righting this post here about Ben Harper after I recently found out that he released a new album called Get Up. Though I wouldn't recommend this album due to the fact that it's way to different from what Harper used to do before, the way Ben has grown as a man and musician in this album is quite exciting. Becoming more engaged as an artist and an even better musician, a thing you can't say about many musicians out there. Musicians who look all very different and identical at the same time (if you know what I mean).

So, hoping this post was your first step into something new. As usual waiting for your feedback.

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