15 March 2013

Ghettoization of the mind

Hello everyone, don't know if it's the effect of Django that hasn't faded away yet, but I'm all into black culture these days trying to have an idea of what's wrong with it and why is it that blacks, be it in the US and elsewhere (I mean Africa of course) haven't healed from the abomination of slave trade and colonialism? Some might give a quick answer to this by saying that they haven't healed yet, because of the fact that this oppression of blacks is not over yet. Well, people supporting this idea are probably right, but I personally think that there is a deeper problem than that and blacks or Africans are to be blamed as well. Getting to that in a moment.

First of all let me try to explain what I mean when I say that Africans haven't healed from the dreadful experienced they had in human history. The thing is that despite the fact that we are all leaving in the 21st century and having all this technology that makes our lives easier, and all these social networks which bring us all closer to each other and make us feel united in body and soul, there is still a huge feeling of resentment you get when it comes to judging someone or being judged according to the way a person looks, his skin colour, social status and so on. 

One of the most prominent points of  separation would probably be the "white v.s black" situation we have going on (sorry for this cheesy way of naming an issue of this calibre). A situation which in my opinion exists for the most part due to the fact that we haven't overcome the feeling of guilt which exists since the time of slavery, segregation and colonialism. A feeling of guilt which like with the case of the "holocaust" is justifiable, but unlike the latter hasn't been dealt with properly, I guess. Some might finish with the article here and say that this is all bull**** and rekindle the idea that most of the harm inflicted to blacks has been remedied, and how it's rather Africans who are not willing to go on with development and that will be partly right. On the other hand there is an evident exploitation and "ghettoization" of blacks going on. I'm not talking of actual ghettos nor I'm talking of some kind of physical isolation, but rather about the kind of mental and cultural confinement we put everybody these days. Confinement I would love to call "ghettoization of the mind"

Indeed I'm talking about the "all blacks play basketball" or the "all whites can't dance" kind of nonsense. A sad thing, which however exists and that's an undeniable fact. And perhaps, as long as these kind of imprisonment in stereotypes persists, you'll continue getting racial discrimination, a need for "black history month" and other forms of emphasis on this or that cultural difference. Still not clear? Well, have this clip for you showing Morgan Freeman's reaction to the introduction of a "black history month" in the U.S. I remind those who don't know, the black history month was to be introduced in the U.S to help uplift national and probably international interest towards Black Culture and so on. Good idea on the surface, but if you ask me it's really pointless.Why? Here, have a look at this reaction from  Mr. Freeman. Think that it's self explanatory....

Amazing, right? And simple, too. Seems that the simplest thing we can all do, to solve this issue of racial difference is stop talking about it, right? If you guys think differently, your welcome to give your feedback or maybe share a personal experience you had of this issue.  

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  1. I happen to agree. I think blacks especially African American are quick to play the race card... They need to stop thinking of themselves as victims. Sure your ancestors suffered.. so did mine here in the Caribbean! Should I just give up and say Oh but but my great grandfather was a slave and his masters used him and he didn't ask to come here he was taken against his will.. Yes your ancestors suffered and you shouldn't forget their suffering but don't live your life B***ching about it..

    i think you should do a follow up on this post with Accidental Racist????