10 July 2013

Jay - Z

For those of you who might not know I came into this music stuff and all through Hip-Hop. Though, as said in the latter I don't believe in the existence and life of genuine Hip - Hop any more, there are still figures out there in the business that are really kicking it. The best example of this is probably rapper Jay-Z. Not only is he undisputed and talented, he is equally the best possible representation of what a rapper should evolve into if he doesn't get shot or something as it was the case with great names such as B.I.G and Tupac (a bit later about them). You see, Hip - Hop like no other sound out there has been a blend of cultures from the word go, so it's a normal thing that this culture evolves and develops into something new at a higher speed than any other genre. An evolution mastered by Jay-Z from every standpoint. Going from underground to CEO, Jay-Z is probably the only rapper out there whose career went from bottom to ever rising and in this culture where rappers are set to be as successful as they can be from the very start, Jay-Z gives the best example possible.

I can go on describing the biography of this gentleman, but I think it's just not worth it.  We all have access to all sort of information, so if you are not yet acquainted with this figure, I guess you can do so very easily. What I would prefer to stress on in this post is the reason why I consider him such a great rapper and not afraid to say, probably the greatest rapper that ever lived. So, back to reality as they say. As I said before, in  my opinion, "Rap" as a genre has always positioned itself as a a culture where the least privileged used their talent and the conjuncture in which they lived to achieve heights they could never dream of. Or it gave blacks of the ghetto an opportunity to express themselves as well as portray the reality in which they lived to a bigger audience. After all as usual this part of the population is never heard. Well, if you consider these two notions, you come to a quick conclusion that though most rappers succeeded in reaching these goals, they all got lost down the line. Either engulfed by fame (as it is the case with Eminem or 50 Cent) or they simply couldn't get rid of their ghetto mentality, as poisoning as it might be (as it was the case with greats like B.I.G and Tupac). Taking this into consideration, I came to a sad conclusion that apart from Snoop Dogg (a bit later about him), Jay-Z is probably the only rapper out there who isn't shot or went all pop and "bling bling" like most rappers are.

Then there is the music which really some times gives the feeling that Jay-Z has his own style of music, produced and fashioned for him alone. Indeed, through out the various collaborations with the greatest names in Hip-Hop, Jay-Z has shown that the only presence of his voice and rhymes on a track are enough to make it sound a bit better than it was without him. Just like in the business world, it looks like everything this gentleman touches becomes gold. No wonder the Illuminati got interested in him :-) how could they leave out such a pearl, right? On a side note, I do believe that the Illuminati is a real thing (but we are going to talk about that a bit later). Right from his very first album Reasonable Doubt, Jay-Z was set to be a classic. A musician and talent who bloomed to awe-inspiring heights. Indeed, I will recommend beginning with this album for it is that great.

Of course some might say that Jay-Z has turned all pop and that what matters in the life of Sean Carter these days is money and even more money. These people would probably be right. Nevertheless, it's amazing to know that there are still some rappers out there who haven't lost their integrity and are still capable of releasing albums after over 15 years in the industry. And quality albums for that matter. Unfortunately some people prefer to concentrate on the fact that he is married to Beyonce or that he might be a member of the Illuminati. Even if the latter is true, does it really matter? I think not. Just like with Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, in fact with any other musician, what matters is the music and for once it is really awesome!!!

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