23 October 2012

Erykah Badu

Hello everyone I think project "rebirth" (a project created for me and by me) has begun:-) a real game changer.  Well, at least I'm enjoying it and promise to write about it in detail some time in the future, but now I guess is time for a post I really wanted to write for a very long time and the time is now. This one here is dedicated to no one other than Erykah Badu. Heard of this lady? Well, I do know her and it's high time for all of you who have been missing out on her so far to catch up with the world of Erykah...

You see, when it think Erykah, I think Africa and when I think Africa I think "peace, love and unity", freedom and prosperity. I realize that you have completely different ideas Africa, but please bare with me on his one. Not saying that is what you get from listening to Erykah Badu, but you still have this feeling of peace that accompanies any soul artist like D' AngeloKeziah Jones and other artists I wrote about earlier.

I clearly remember the day I first listened to Erykah, was a fan of rapping those days and was all into violence and having a Nigga attitude was the all and all of being a teenager, in Africa at least. And then out of nowhere (well, not out of nowhere, my girlfriend at the time was a great fan of Erykah Badu) comes this wonderfully beautiful African queen. Catching my attention with songs like "On and on" and "Sometimes" . Songs which really but a bit of love and peace in the all so violent hip hop world I was swimming in.

And that was it for the first experience then was a big break during which I was all into reggae and raggamufin.  It's only of recent, surely due to there fact that it's autumn here in Russia (hate Russian weather by the way) that I came back to Erykah and believe me she is really a queen of soul, do enjoy. 

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